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Open letter from former military commanders in support of access to responsible businesses offering reliable financial products and opportunities

We are writing to encourage your support for our men and women in uniform by ensuring their access to legitimate, reputable financial opportunities beyond those offered by the U.S. government.

Specifically, Trans World Assurance Company and American Fidelity Life Insurance Company have a long history of serving and supporting our military. Founded more than 45 years ago by WWII veteran Charles Woodbury, these companies served as a founding underwriter of the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance, (SGLI) which continues to provide insurance to our military families today.

The Woodbury family remains deeply involved in the business, dedicated to the mission of supporting our military personnel. Based on many years of experience, each of us considers Barbara Woodbury – daughter of these companies’ founder – to be a true patriot. In both her personal and professional endeavors, Barbara works tirelessly in support of our troops and their families, and we hold her in the highest regard.

Read the full letter from former military commanders.

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Trans World Assurance Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Support to the Navy & Marine Association

Trans World Assurance, a company specializing in life insurance designed for U.S. Military personnel, celebrates its 25th year of giving financial support to The Navy and Marine Association.

"Our company believes in supporting the military through organizations like The Navy and Marine Association. We are proud that our financial contributions over the past 25 years have helped this organization carry out their mission," stated Trans World Assurance Board Chairman, Earl Bartlett. "They are a truly amazing organization that is committed to helping and honoring the men and women who serve this country. Barbara Woodbury and her co-trustees and directors are to be commended for their magnificent work over the years. We are thankful to have been a small part."

Barbara Woodbury, the Managing Director of Trans World Assurance, serves as President and Trustee of The Navy & Marine Association. As the daughter of two U.S. Marine Corps officers who served in WWII, Ms. Woodbury has dedicated herself to supporting military personnel around the world. She has worked extensively with the wounded, and the families of fallen servicemembers. In 2002, General James L. Jones, Jr., Commandant of the Marine Corps, officially conferred upon her the title of "Honorary Marine." In 2005, Sergeant Major John Estrada of the Marine Corps and his enlisted Marines honored Ms. Woodbury with a parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, DC.

About The Navy & Marine Association
The Navy & Marine Association is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose primary mission is to provide support to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard communities. As part of their mission, they sponsor over 400 leadership awards annually to outstanding service-members. In addition, they also award scholarships to association members and their families. The volunteers that serve the Navy & Marine Association consist of active duty, retired military and proud Americans.

For more information about The Navy & Marine Association, visit or call (202) 232-1243.

About Trans World Assurance
Trans World Assurance provides innovative life insurance products designed to meet the specialized needs of military personnel. The company has been an underwriter of the SGLI program covering all military members since its inception. Established in 1962, Trans World Assurance is headquartered in San Mateo California, and is licensed in 46 states and worldwide.

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Barbara Woodbury honored by United States Marine Corps with Sunset Parade

TWA Director, Barbara Woodbury, was the Guest of Honor at a Sunset Parade held at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. This ceremonial parade was hosted by the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and Mrs. Estrada, who is a Marine in her own right.

The parade is a tradition that includes the renowned U. S. Marine Corps Band and the Corp's esteemed Silent Drill Team. This historic military ritual honors the patriotic spirit of all Americans and is one of the most popular summer events in our nation's capitol, as exemplified by the large crowd.

Also on hand to honor our enlisted Marines were: Attorney General and Mrs. Ashcroft; Congressman Cunningham; Governor Pete Wilson; Assistant Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable H.T. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson; Mrs. Pace, wife of Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Pete Pace; Mrs. Jones, wife of General James L. Jones, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe; the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Nyland; General and Mrs. Fulford, and many other distinguished Americans and heroes.

Ms. Woodbury, the daughter of two WWII Marines, was honored for the work she has done throughout the years for enlisted Marines and their family members. She remarked " be honored by those I consider to be the greatest heroes in the world today is overwhelming to me...” She went on to say, "I was born to the Corps. This honor ranks right up there with the night I became a Marine and the day I was born to two of the greatest Marines who ever lived." Marines have always been an inspiration to her. She smiled and said "do not tell Marines what can't be done. They will prove you wrong every time. Marines know what can be done....and they do it! It is their spirit and sense of fraternity that makes them unique and special Americans. It is what makes them 'no better friend, and no worse enemy'." She went on to say that she loves and admires her many, many friends in the other services, as well, but that they would understand that this was a night to honor our Marines, to honor our Corps.

We at TWA are proud of our men and women in uniform and all those who support them, most especially during this challenging war on terror. We stand united with our heroes, one and all.

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