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Time Purchases and Save Up To 80% (Jeff Burch, Money Book)

Posted on Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Early in my marriage, my wife, occasionally, would come home with what seemed like a boatload of stuff from shopping all day. Our money was always tight back then, so being under pressure to stay financially afloat, in frustration, I'd bark out with something like, “What bank did you rob to buy everything.” She'd immediately fire back, “I saved you money! Everything was on sale!” The debate would last into the wee early morning hours, with the typical make-up, and the promise of "It'll never happen again," until it happens again (sigh). 

However, over the years, I found that she was right; you really can save 10% to 80%, “if,” you time your purchases. Use this page to assist you in scheduling the purchase of specified products, so you can receive deep discounts during particular months of the year.

Items to Buy Best Time to Purchase
Best Clothing Sales After Washington’s Birthday, 4th of July,
Easter, Christmas Biggest Sales, Jan, Aug
Air Conditioners Feb, July, Aug
Appliances (Small) Jan, April, Nov, Dec
Appliances (Major) Jan, Mar, July, Dec
Art Supplies Jan, Feb
Auto Batteries Sept, Oct
Baby Products* Nov
Backpacks* Aug
Bathing Suits Jan, June, After July 4th, Aug
Bedding Jan, Feb, Aug
Bicycles Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
Blankets Jan, May, Nov, Dec
Books Jan
Builder Hardware June
Camcorders* June, July, Nov, Dec
Cameras Digital* Feb, April, Sept, Oct
Camera Equipment Oct, Nov
Camping Equipment May, Aug
Camping Gear* May
Car Seat Covers Feb, Nov
Carpeting Jan, May, June, July, Aug, Sept
Cars New* Aug, Sept, Dec
Cars Used* Feb, Nov, Dec
China Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct
CDs* Jan
Christmas Gifts Anytime but December
Christmas Supplies Jan and After Xmas
Clothing Athletic* May
Clothing Children’s April, July, Sept, Nov, Dec
Clothing Men’s Feb, April, Oct, Dec
Clothing Women’s Jan, Feb, April, Nov, Dec
Clothing School Aug, Oct
Clothing Spring* April
Clothing Summer June, July
Clothing Winter* Jan
Coats Children’s April, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec
Coats Men’s Jan, Mar, Aug, Oct
Coats Women’s Mar, April, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec
Computers* Jan, April, June, Oct
Cookware* Jan
Costume Jewelry Jan
Curtains Feb
Dehumidifiers* Aug
Dishes Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct
Drapes Feb, Aug
Dresses Jan, April, June, Nov
DVDs* Jan
Electric Blankets Summer, Oct
Electronics (small)* Mar, May, June, Sept, Dec
Ellipticals* Jan, Feb
Fans May, Aug
Fishing Equipment Oct
Fuel Oil July
Furniture Indoor Jan, Feb, June, July, Aug, Sept
Furniture Outdoor* July, Aug
Furniture Porch April, May
Garden Equipment Mar, Aug, Sept
Garden: Trees & plants* May
Glassware Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct
GPS Navigators* Nov, Dec
Grills (Gas)* Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
Handbags Jan, May, July
Hardware Aug, Sept
Home Decorating Nov
Home Furnishings Jan, Feb, June, Aug, Oct
Home Enter. System Jan, May to July, Nov, Dec
Hosiery April, Oct
Houses & Condos* Jan, Feb
Housecoats April, May, June, Oct, Nov
House Wares Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug to Oct
Humidifiers* Feb, Mar
Infant Wear Jan, Mar, April, July
Irons Jan
Lamps Feb, Aug, Sept
Lawn Equipment March
Lawn Mowers April, May, Aug, Sept, Oct
Lingerie Jan
Luggage Mar, May, Nov
Lumber (Wood) June
Nursery Items Dec
Paints April, Aug, Sept
Phones Cordless* May
Ranges April, Nov
Rugs Jan, Feb, Mar, July, Aug, Sept
School Supplies June, Aug, Oct
Shoes Athletic* May
Shoes Boy’s & Girl’s Jan, Mar, July
Shoes Men’s Jan, July, Nov, Dec
Shoes Women’s Jan, July, Nov, Dec
Sheets & Spreads Jan, June, July, Dec
Silverware Feb, Oct
Snow Blowers* Aug, Sept
Sports Gear June, July, Sept, Oct
Sports Gear (Winter)* Mar
Sporting Goods Feb, Aug
Stereo Equipment Jan, Feb, July
Television Sets Jan, May, June, Nov, Dec
Tires May, June, end of Aug
Towels & Linens Jan, May, Aug
Toys Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec
Treadmills* Jan, Feb
Vacations Before Christmas
Water Heaters Jan, Nov


■ PRICE CHECKER: Use Price Checker to help you shop around for a specific item at lowest cost, if you need it now and can’t wait for a sale.

■ DEALNEWS: Dealnews is one of the web's best deal-hunting websites. 

*Reference: Consumer reports Magazine - January 2011 issue

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